"Live In Moments That Matter"


At Mi Global, we are passionate about raising happy healthy Global Citizens to help increase overall Global Happiness. We see self-care as the first and foremost responsibility of every Global Citizen, from kids to adults. Through offering useful information, running workshops, camps and retreats, we hope to help you improve on your overall health and relationships with others. We all deserve Happiness so let us help you discover Happiness in your everyday life.

About Mi Global

We are a Perth, Western Australia based company with multicultural backgrounds. Our team members have lived and worked in Australia, China, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada.  Through collaborating with other organisations and health professionals, as well as our own expertise in tourism, corporate governance, and transformational journeys, our goal is to equip the current and future generations with the tools to thrive in this Global Village of ours.



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